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  List of Author's Publications  


1.    Exegesis of Surat An-Nour (1365/1946), Imprimerie Fedala , Mohammedia, 1405/1984 ( in Arabic)

2.    My First trip to Europe (1371H / 1952) – in 1429 / 2008 in Arabic and French

3.    Literature of Arab’s Lamia ( in Arabic), al-Matba’al-watania – Rabat 1953

4.    My first trip to the East ( 1958) Government Press Koweit, 1986.

5.    Flying to the Old House (1378/1959) printed by Al-Dara, Riyad, Saudi Arabia, 1422/2001

6.    Eleven Centuries in the life of Qarawiyine University (in Arabic, French and English), imprimerie Fedala, 1960. 2nd print in Casablanca

7.    Fez Weddings, Imprimerie Fedala-Mohammedia 1961 (in Arabic).

8.    Editing of the “History of depriving the weak of  imamate …” (in Arabic), by Ibn sahib al-salat, author of the history of al-Andalus and al-Maghreb in the reign of Al-Mohads’ Edition, Beirut 1964 Baghdad 1979, Beirut 1989.

9.    A survey of the Diplomatic History of  Morocco ,  Imprimerie Fédala-Mohammedia 1967 (in Arabic)

10. History of the  Moroccan -  American Relations (in English), imprimerie Fédala-Mohammedia 1967.

11. If I could see for three days (translation from English) by the American author Helen Adams Keller, 1970-1990, Dar Rifa’ l for printing and publishing  Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

12. Qarawiyyine mosque, the mosque university in the city of Fez (three volumes), first edition, Beirut 1972, second edition, Rabat 200 (in Arabic)

13. Libya, from the perspective of  Vizier Ishaqi’s expedition,  Imprimerie Fédala-Mohammedia, 1976 (in Arabic); 2nd print in Libya 

14. The Al Badi’ Palace in Marrakech, one of the world wonders’ Imprimerie Fédala-Mohammedia, 1976 

15. In the shadow of faith, Dar al-Thaqafa, Casablanca 1977/1397

16. Sicily in the Memory of Ambassador Ben Othman, imprimerie Casablanca –Mohammedia, 1977

17. Education in the Arab world (printed by UNESCO), Paris in three languages, 1977

18. Mekhzen Letters (first division), imprimerie Agdal-Rabat, 1979 

19. Moroccan-Iranian Relations, ), imprimerie Agdal-Rabat, 1977 

20. Hunting with Falcon in the Maghreb and the Orient, imprimerie Modern Rabat 1980

21. The French Protectorate, its beginning and its end, , imprimerie Modern Rabat 1980; 2nd print in2010

22. The Moroccan’s Waqf in Jerusalem, imprimerie Fédala-Mohammedia 1981 

23. Editing of the apparent texts in the exile of the tyrant jewry, by Ibn Abi al-Rijal, publication of the University of  Sana 1980

24. Historical relations between Morocco and Oman, printing of  Sultanate of Oman, Muscat, 1981

25. In defense of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of  Morocco, his royal Highness Sidi mohammed  in his first political mission in Africa, first edition, imprimerie Agdal-Rabat 1982, second edition Dar Nashr al-ma’rifa, Rabat 1999

26. The secret codes of Moroccan correspondences, imprimerie al-maarif al-jadida, Rabat 1983

27. Editing of the book: the Unique key to seizing the elusive, by Abi al-Qasim al-Figuigui, about hunting with falcons, imprimerie al-Najah, casablnca 1984

28. Iran Yesterday and Tomorrow, nouvelle imprimerie al-Najah, casablnca 1984

29. Briefing on the international relations of the Kingdom of Morocco (in Arabic, French, spanish and English) imprimerie el-maarif, Rabat 1985/1405

   30. Al Maghrawi and his education thought, publication of the Office of Arab     education for the Gulf States, (Riyad Arabia) 1986 (in Arabic); 2nd print in 2012

    31. The Diplomatic History of Morocco from oldest ages until today, in twelve volumes, imprimerie fedala, Mohammedia, 1986          /1406

  32 . The Diplomatic History of Morocco in drawn films, with participation of some professors from Fez, copyright number: 635.90

  33. Woman in the History of the Islamic West, publications of Fennec, casablanca 1992/1413, with the conribution of of friendrich Hebert Foundation .

 34. Editing of the gentle book about the prides of Mawla Isma’il ben al Sharif,  by ibn Zaydan, imprimerie Ideal casablanca 1993

  35. Ibn Majid and the portugueses, printed in Rass al khaima national printing house, 1996  translated to portages

36. Editing of the ibn Batouta Expedition, in five volumes, publication of the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco, Imprimerie Dar el Maarif Al Jadida 1997/1417  

37. Jerusalen and Hebron in Morocco Expeditions of ISESCO, Rabat 1997/1413;2nd print 2004/1420 

38. Taha Hussein  in Morocco  publication of The Arabic Language Academy in Cairo ? 2000/1420

39 .Editing of the book Tarthout about lice by al Siyyouti, publications of the Arabic language Academy in Damascus, 2000  

40. The Prophetic Medicine in the Mashreq and the Maghreb  Imprimerie el maarif  al -Jadida, Rabat 2000/1420

41. The History of the international Relations of Morocco in the Medieval period, in three volumes, Dar Nashr al ma’rifa, Rabat 2001/1422, translated to English by BMCE banq  

42. Abou Ali ibn Sina and his impact on the History of the Scientific Thought in Morocco, printed by ibn Sina Hospital; 2004   

43. Al Mustadrak , Additions to my Editing of  ibn Battuta expedition, printed by the Ministry of Culture, 1425/2004

44. Editing of Al-Mufham fi Sharh Talkhees Muslim, by Qurtuby, with the pen of  ibn Battuta, printed by  the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, 1425/2004.

45. Mekka in one and a Hundred Trips, or the Trips, Al-Furqan Etablisshment, London 2004, two volumes.

46. Editing of Janyu  al –Azhar min Rawd al – Dawaween am – Muatar, by Mohamad Belayachi, concerning the creation of the Moroccan Army, beginning of the Eighteenth Century, printed by University Moulay Ismael, Meknes. 2008/1430.

47. Appendices to the Diplomatic History of Morocco (two volumes), printed by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, 1430/2009.

49. Editing of Al Badr al Safer li Hidayat al – Mussafer… Voyage of Ibn Othman Al  Meknassi at the end of the Eighteenth Centry, Riyad 2012.

50. Ronda al-Andalussiya during the rein of  Bani Marin, the historical text versus Diplomatic document, printed by Hispano-Portugues studies department in Mohammed V University 2013.


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